Packing in Australia

Properly packing of good or items before sending and transporting them is essential. If it’s not sealed correctly, there is a big chance they will be damaged in transit significantly due to improper handling or accidents. To make sure your items are in tip-top shape when it reaches its destination, here are some tips you can follow. 

Packing Suggestions

  1. Use of cushions

Items or goods being pack should have enough cushioning around them to ensure it will not be damaged. Cushions also protect the staff, especially if the goods your sending are a bit hard. Pillows can be in bubble wraps, foam fillers, foam wraps, kraft papers wax papers or newspapers. But it’s more recommended to uses recycled materials, so you don’t have to add more waste during the packing process. 

  1. Using the right type of packaging 

There are several packaging options you can use in packing your items. You can use pouches, padded mailers, recycled padded bags, tough bags, mailers, gift bag, and many others. This article will discuss the specifications and descriptions of these type of packages. 

  1. Marking items as fragile or Handle with care

Placing a note or marking your items as fragile remind handlers to take extra care of your items. Of course, realistically you don’t know 100% of everyone who handles it will follow your request, but it’s an added reminder and safety measure for your item. 

  1. Avoid sending sharp and hard objects in soft packs. 

Sharp and hard objects can hurt the people, mostly delivery personnel handling your package. It is very important to pack them properly with cushions and inside a rigid box. Placing them in soft packs like envelopes might be dangerous for delivery personnel and the recipient of your package. 

  1. Do not send hazardous or illegal goods.

The law does not allow anyone to send hazardous or illegal goods through the package or delivery. Shipping these items is against the law and violators can have severe repercussions, including large fines or possible jail time. 

Packaging Options

Australia Post offers several packaging options for Aussie consumers. Suppose you send a package under 5 kg within Australia their several packaging options from small to extra-large. These options are all entitled to the new “If it Packs, It Posts” national flat postage rate.¬†For example, the guys at Decking Newcastle manage to sent 24smq of composite decking board over the post from the Hunter Valley to Adelaide with this service.

Here are the other Packaging Options:

  1. Parcel Boxes – they are more rigid and give parcels more protection compared to other packaging options. They are strong lightweight, and easy to assemble. The parcel boxes’ size range from a small box, which is eligible to the national flat rate postage, to an extra-large parcel box with enough space to fit larger items. 
  1. Padded Mailers – they are water-resistant, lightweight, strong, and have bubble cushioning that protects your package. They are also fully recyclable and are available in stores across Australia. 
  1. Recycled Padded Bags – they are all-purpose paper mailers that have excellent cushioning and rigidity. They are made from recycled materials and can be 100% recyclable. They can be used to mail certificates, photos, and documents. 
  1. Tough Bags – are very economical and have no cushions, so they are usually used to ship non-fragile items. They are also 100% recyclable. 
  1. Tubes and rigid mailers – they are made from heavy-duty cardboard materials. Tubes are ideal for shipping posters, plans, and other large prints. Rigid mailer envelopes are suitable for transporting important documents, photos, and other printed items. 

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