Are you planning to move? Or just looking for temporary storage space while your house is being renovated? This page will help readers get the right information about storage, packing, moving, and logistics. It will feature articles that will help you and give tips on your moving and storage needs. 

A recent survey suggests that younger Australians are more likely to move to a different region. Moving can be a challenging process which will involve a lot of planning and preparation. When you are moving the first important thing to consider is to find a reliable and efficient moving company. You don’t want to get fly by night companies that will leave you when something happens to your cargo.

Tips in Moving

When you are moving homes it’s recommended to book an accredited company by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), they are the official body of removals experts. AFRA accredited furniture removalists have the necessary vehicles, equipment, staff, and expertise to have a worry-free move. They have public liability insurance and other insurance that protects clients and their properties from accidents. The removal company usually arrange moving insurance for their clients. 


According to data from Urbis, a property research group, Australia’s supply of storage units is projected to increase by more than 10% within the next two years. This increase is due to the increasing popularity of apartment living and the new building’s construction to meet the demand. 

In the past years, only a few facilities were available. Recently, many facilities have been built, and a lot more has been planned, especially in metropolitan areas. 

The most significant increase of 25.5% in people living apartment is in Brisbane, a 19% increase for Sydney and 9.41% increase in Melbourne. According to its research, Urbis sees a strong correlation between the demand for storage and higher density living. 

According to Urbis’ data, the size of a storage unit in Australia and New Zealand is around 7 square metres to 11 square metres, with an average $318.91 per storage unit rate. 

Why do people need self-storage? 

There are a lot of reasons why people want to use storage. It can be because of moving to a new house that does not have enough room for storage, or it can be to have more space to store your personal belongings. 

Essential Statistics on the number of items delivered in Australia

Latest figures from Australian Post reported that more than 2.8 billion items were delivered in 2020. They also returned to 12.3 million delivery points across Australia. They have 60 new facilities, 18 freighter aeroplanes and hired 5000 extra people due to a record number of parcels. Australia post delivered record-breaking numbers of packages, cards and presents during the Christmas 2020 season. 

Australian Post has an extended workforce of more than 75,000 and has the largest electric vehicle fleet in Australia with more than 3,700 vehicles. Online purchases by Aussies increased by more than 42% in the 1st week of December, leading to a record number of deliveries. These high numbers are probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic when people prefer online shopping.